Enter the story. Leave reality outside.
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For a surefire a-mazing experience

Be a hero

Don’t go to a movie,

Take part in one!

Come into the story

Let the scenery, sounds and

special effects surround you

Get ready to be a-mazed

500-meter complex 3 (soon to be 5)

escape rooms + huge lobby

Also suits staff activity days

for 20-60 people

Escape Rooms

Cleaning for Mr. Richbaum

Team of 2-7 people (single room), 60 min.
Team of 6-14 people (double room), 60 min.

Your infamously expert team has received a new assignment. You must succeed where many others have failed. Your mission is to clean out Guy Richbaum. If you can pull this off, it’s the last job you’ll ever have to do.

The Magician's Apprentice

2-6 apprentices (single room), 60 min.

Your mentor and boss, a magnificent magician, is about to put on the show of his life. Everything has been carefully prepared. Curtain time is in one hour. This performance will get him into the Magicians’ Hall of Fame, for sure… But wait! It turns out the magician has forgotten something very important. It’s all up to you now – will you manage to straighten out the situation before show time?

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Enter the story. Leave reality outside.
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